Morning links: KVN takes blame for time in Detroit; Keith Van Horn shares Rick Majerus quotes

Justin Rogers of The Detroit News discussed how former BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy won’t point fingers at his lack of success with the Detroit Lions since moving to the New England Patriots.

Rogers wrote, “The Lions gave up on the former second-round pick and now he’s going to the Super Bowl as a key contributor on the NFL’s best scoring defense. He could gloat, he could shout, ‘I told you so,’ but he’s content to shoulder the blame for not living up to expectations in Detroit and grateful for his new life with the New England Patriots.”

Rogers then quoted Van Noy who praised many of his former coaches.

“I don’t want you to ever blame coach Caldwell because he’s a great coach,” Van Noy said. “He doesn’t get enough credit for how great a coach he is because those guys will fight for him until the death. I respect coach Caldwell. He’s one of my favorite coaches I’ve ever had. I’ll always go to bat for him.”

Keith Van Horn shares Rick Majerus quotes

Former Utah star forward, Keith Van Horn took to Twitter Monday morning to share quotes from Rick Majerus from when the two were at Utah.

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