Q&A: Jimmer Fredette talks about playing in China, his shoe deal and being hacked on Twitter

The Deseret News recently caught up with former BYU guard Jimmer Fredette, who was at home on a short break from his duties with the China Basketball Association’s Shanghai Sharks for the Chinese New Year.

Fredette discussed how he ended up in China, what it has been like in the CBA, including some of the different rules and what’s it has been like to have the green light.

He also touched on how he ended up with a shoe deal, how his ankle is coming along from a recent injury and if a stay in China is in his long-term plans.

Deseret News: What went into the decision to head to China instead of going to Europe or an NBA camp?

Jimmer Fredette: We just felt like the Shanghai situation was the best situation for me and my family at this point. We had some different camps that we could have gone to in the NBA, but nothing guaranteed at that point. In Europe, we had some good offers as well, but we felt the Shanghai opportunity was the best opportunity.

It’s obviously a massive city. The people in China love basketball. It’s a shorter season and they pay really well over there. It’s an opportunity to go over and showcase what you can do and play a lot of minutes and hopefully be able to do what you can.

Fortunately, it’s turned out well so far. Having Yao Ming as the owner was a big reason why we felt like it was a good situation for us. He knows the NBA game and about me and they treat their team like an NBA team. It’s been a really good situation.

DN: How has the CBA been different from your experience in the NBA?

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