Morning links: Rudy Gobert is a star; Tony Beltran the best draft pick in RSL history

Paul Flannery of SB Nation examined the value of Utah Jazz defensive centerpiece Rudy Gobert.

Flannery wrote, “Rudy Gobert is a star. How you feel about that statement depends on two primary factors: how much you value defense, and how much you watch the Utah Jazz.”

After talking about what Gobert does for the Jazz on the defensive end of the floor and his progression as a player, Flannery continued, “It helped that Gobert arrived with a chip on his shoulder. Projected to go higher in the draft, he slid all the way to the 27th pick, where the Jazz scooped him up. Sitting on the bench during his rookie year only added to his desire to show people that he belonged. He got his chance midway through his second year and helped turn the Jazz from a middling team into a defensive juggernaut.”

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