Former BYU basketball player Trent Plaisted talks about his career in Europe

The Deseret News recently caught up with former BYU big man Trent Plaisted after his German league team folded midway through the season.

After breaking down the ins and outs of what happened in Germany, Plaisted touched on a number of wide-ranging topics, including his European career as a whole, how basketball differs around the world and his time at BYU.

DN: Where all have you played in Europe?

TP: I’ve played everywhere. In order, Italy, Croatia (twice), Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, France, Germany, France again same team, Lithuania again different team, and then Germany again different team.

DN: Which was your favorite place to play and why?

TP: All of them are special in their own way, some more than others. I think Croatia from a basketball perspective was my favorite. Germany the first time was probably my favorite from a personal perspective because we had a great group of guys that are to this day great friends.

DN: How come Croatia stands out from a basketball perspective?

TP: Croatia, basketball-wise, because it was sort of my first year in Europe. It was just a totally chaotic and crazy environment with a coach that was nuts and I was able to make it through and set the stage for the rest of my career.

Ironically enough, it was in Kresmir Cosic’s home town. Zadar, we played in Kresmir Cosic Arena.

DN: Did people ask you about that BYU connection when you were there?

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