Former BYU player Trent Plaisted’s basketball journey in Germany ends after team folds

Former BYU big man Trent Plaisted is a basketball player without a team.

The nine-year pro played just 11 games with Phoenix Hagen in the German BBL before the team folded up shop because of financial difficulties.

 It was something he wasn’t expecting.

“The German league is widely thought to be the most stable so for that to happen in Germany is completely insane,” said Plaisted, who signed in Germany because it was a stable place for his family, and a good place to live. “Obviously it didn’t work out.”

It shouldn’t have happened in the first place, according to Plaisted. The team had some issues the season before, but it was believed that everything had been handled by the team and the league.

“There was a massive failure by both the league and the people from the team because there was never enough money to even start signing players this year,” said Plaisted. “Let alone some of the guys they signed, like myself.”

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