Is Trevor Booker a fit for the Utah Jazz?

With the loss of Marvin Williams and Richard Jefferson via free agency recently, the Jazz really needed to add another great locker room guy who has a veteran presence for all of the young players on the roster. That is no doubt the reason why Utah is bringing in Trevor Booker. What was shocking about the move is that Utah had to overpay to do it.

Booker is your prototypical NBA glue guy. He  is a grinder who is good defensively and a solid rebounder. He didn’t get many touches on the offensive end with the Wizards, but he can finish around the rim. He also has a solid mid-range game, but isn’t a three-point threat at all. He started 45 games for Washington in 2013-14 and put up decent numbers (6.8 points on 55.1 percent shooting and 5.3 rebounds) in a little more than 21 minutes a night.

Not sure how his minute situation will play out with the Jazz however, for the simple fact that he is an undersized power forward who cant stretch the floor. The Jazz already have plenty of options at the four and five spots and there are only so many minutes available (96 to be exact). They already have Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors (who will see a bulk of the minutes), as well as Rudy Gobert, to go along with the acquisitions of Steve Novak and Booker. Even if Novak only sees limited minutes (8-15 a night) that still doesn’t leave the minutes that the others will expect.

Booker is a nice player, who was a great role player on a good team, but I don’t see the benefit of bringing him in. All he will end up doing is taking away minutes from players (Favors, Kanter, Gobert) who the Jazz having been trying to develop for the last few years.  The scary part is that he may take away plenty of minutes from Kanter who is the best offensive option in the front court.  That won’t bode well for the Jazz if they are hoping to re-sign Kanter when his rookie deal is done.  After all, he wants (and needs) time on the floor to see if he is worth paying and that won’t happen if Booker gets minutes.  The other person it will most likely hinder is Gobert. Gobert is still very raw, but has shown the skills to be a defensive presence.  He needs time on the floor in a front court where there will be no minutes and that wont be good for him or the Jazz moving forward.


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