Is the decision, part three coming for LeBron in the summer of 2015?

Cleveland fans are on cloud nine after their favorite son has come home to play ball again. There is no doubt that the process to get to that point was very painful for the Cavalier faithful (as well as every other fan in the league), and no one wants to go through again.

Sadly , we won’t be that lucky, thanks to the deal that LeBron signed. Contract terms were finally reported and they tell a story that no one wanted to hear. James signed a two-year deal to return to Cleveland with an opt-out after just first season. That means we get to go through this same mess either next summer or the year after that. Not exactly what fans were hoping for when they read the heart-felt essay from James that stated how he wants to finish his career close to home.

Hopefully the deal is just about money and not about being a free-agent all over again. I don’t think that we can handle that again. After all, it was agonizing to wait and see where the chips would fall this time around and that’s from someone who isn’t even a Cavs fan.


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