Marcus Smart isn’t the only one to blame

Note: by writing this, I in no way condone the actions of Marcus Smart and the choices he made at the end of the game on Saturday night at Texas Tech.  His decision to put his hands on a fan are unjustified no matter what the situation.  There is always a better way to handle it than to take actions into your own hands.

At what point in human history did buying a ticket give anyone licence to belittle and demean an athlete?

There has to be a line drawn on what a fan at a game can say to the players.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with booing or heckling opposing players but personal attacks, abusive language and remarks about family should be completely off-limits and immediate grounds for dismissal from a game.  Especially when amateurs are involved.  Paying a lot of money doesn’t give you the right to do such a thing.

It is time for arena and stadium security around the world to enforce the rules so that a player doesn’t feel the need to climb into the crowd and handle things on their own.


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