Whittingham at fault for the departure of Brian Johnson

The University of Utah Football team and coaching staff is just a mess and there is only one person to blame… Kyle Whittingham.

The latest blow happened today when former offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson made what most may consider a lateral move at best by accepting the quarterback coaching position at Mississippi State.

Johnson’s departure is another in a long line a failures for the Utes on the offensive side of the ball.  While some may blame injured quarterbacks for the demise of the Utah offense, others placed blame on the rotating door of offensive coordinators, but I don’t think either of those is the answer.  I think the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the head coach.

He didn’t have enough faith and believe in each of the hire’s he made on the offensive side of the ball.  An offensive coordinator needs to have more than just a season to put his system in place and recruit the kind of players who fit that system.  You just can’t fire a guy after one lackluster season if you want to say he had a fair shot at getting the job done.

Brian Johnson wasn’t given that chance.  He lasted a season as the offensive coordinator before being demoted to co-coordinator and losing play-calling duties.  After that move failed to bring the desired outcome, Johnson was demoted again (along with his replacement Dennis Erickson).

I definitely feel like it was time for Johnson to go somewhere else and start a new.  He is a bright young football mind who has plenty of upside who will make a good coordinator and even head coach one day.  One thing was clear though; it wasn’t going to be at Utah.

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