I love bad commercials

Getting to be at home in the middle of the day has so many benefits but it also has its drawbacks.  The same can be said for staying up late into the night.  If I am not sitting in front of the computer doing researching or writing I am generally in front of the TV watching an old ball game or documentary.  The commercials that run at those times of day make me laugh more often than not.  There are so many strange things that have been invented and are being peddled via these mini infomercials that it is nearly impossible to keep track of them all.

Periodically I see something that would make sense, but most things are just weird even if they cost just $19.99 and you get the second one free.  I think that the best part is the over dramatization that you get to see to sell such things, like the one where the guy screams in utter agony after he jams a cotton swab in his ear and half way to his brain.  Just priceless.

I think its awesome that so many people have the creative mind it takes to invent a new product, but maybe its time to spend a few extra bucks to have it marketed better.

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