Cavaliers finally made a good move by firing Chris Grant

According to Yahoo! sports, Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant has been fired.  The one question I have is why did it take so long? Did he make any good decisions in the draft (other than taking Kyrie Irving) or free agency since he took over? Did he hire the right coaches for his young and evolving team? Did he bring in any veteran leadership to help balance out his very young and inexperienced roster? The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic No!

Tristan Thompson is a solid and developing player, but he should not have been the fourth pick in the draft.  Especially when players like Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard and Nikola Vucevic were on the board.  As for Dion Waiters, his selection was even more curious.  He has some offensive skills, but has never been a fit with the Cavs.  Instead, Cleveland could have had Damian Lillard, Harrison Barnes or Andre Drummond.  The selection of Tyler Zeller with their second first round pick wasn’t much better either.  Terrence Jones, Jared Sullinger and Miles Plumlee were all drafted after that.  And I don’t even know where to start with their selection of Anthony Bennett with the number one pick in last year’s draft.  It was a shock to everyone and for good reason.  Bennett is not ready for the NBA yet and may not be for a few years.  That can’t be your pick even in a draft that was weaker than most. Taking Victor Oladipo would have been a much better choice.

In free agency, Cleveland didn’t do any better.  They overpaid for Earl Clark, Alonzo Gee, Jarrett Jack and Andrew Bynum.   Clark played decent for half a season and you give him more than four million dollars a year.  That wasn’t a wise decision.  Giving a shoot first point guard in Jarrett Jack more than 25 million wasn’t good either.  He is a gifted scorer, but not the team leader that Cleveland needed.  If he was then they wouldn’t be winning just one out of every three games.  The Bynum signing is in a league all its own.  Bynum would be a bad fit just about everywhere, but when you have such a young roster it is just unthinkable to bring a guy like that into the mix.

As for the coaching decisions, Byron Scott was a solid hire, but giving him the boot was a bad choice.  Bringing Mike Brown back for another stint was even worse.  Not because he is a bad coach, but because you gave him 20 million bucks to come back.

Cleveland had all the opportunities in the world to build a special team with all the draft picks they acquired but thanks to some very questionable moves, they are still a cellar dweller in the terrible Eastern Conference. That is reason enough to say good-bye to Chris Grant and bring in someone who can turn it around.

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