How big of a loss is Jake Murphy for the Utah Utes?

On the eve of one of the biggest games the University of Utah has hosted in a long time, the Utes are trying to figure out how to replace one of their best offensive players.

The "U" logo used by the University ...
The “U” logo used by the University of Utah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At least that’s what they keep telling us.  Even the talking heads on the radio have wondered how the Utes could handle the loss of such a great player in tight end Jake Murphy.

Some have even said that opponents have had to game plan around him.

That just seems silly to me.  Why in the world would you have to game plan around a player who hasn’t had more than two catches in any game this season?  In fact, Murphy has two catches in every game this year.  That’s not very impressive if you ask me.

I know that Murphy has experience and that makes a big difference.  He is a solid player with good hands, but the Utes don’t use him correctly. It would be one thing if Travis Wilson actually threw the ball in his direction, but that hardly ever happens.

It doesn’t matter how great a player is if a team doesn’t know how to use him properly.

For all of his ability, Murphy only has one touchdown and 179 yards on ten receptions in five games this season.  It doesn’t seem like that will be very difficult to replace at all.


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