Is playing a game worth your future?

I have played sports my whole life and as such I have had my fair share of injuries.  Included in those injuries are little things like sprained ankles and jammed toes, to pretty major things like broken bones and even a fractured back.

I have also taken plenty of shots to the head.  In fact, it would take more than two hands to count the amount of times I have been knocked out or split my head open.

With all the news that has come out lately about head trauma I have become more than a little concerned because of my track record.  With these concerns, I have started watching plenty of shows about brain injuries.

Most of those shows about these kinds of injuries have been about the NFL and football in general.

Even though most of my head issues came from sports other than football, (I only played football for a short time growing up) I still watched as much as I could.

In the process I learn quite a bit.  Although nothing I saw made me any more comfortable about my issues, it did help me make some decisions for when I am a parent one day.

My plan has always been to let my kids do whatever they wanted when it comes to sports, but I have since changed my mind.  No matter how badly my kids want to play football when they are young I just can’t let that happen.  There is just way too much information on how much damage it can do to kids.  Their brains are just too fragile.

I know that football isn’t the only way that kids and even adults can do serious damage to their heads since most of my problems stemmed from soccer and basketball, but I am not willing to risk it.  There is just too much at stake in a child’s live to let that be jeopardized by a game.



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