What in the world is wrong with the NFL?

For the life of me, I can’t really understand why the NFL does the things they do.  There is really something wrong with how they make decisions.  Just because you as a league don’t support a cause doesn’t mean that you should punish players for doing so.

English: Brandon Marshall, a wide receiver wit...
English: Brandon Marshall, a wide receiver with the Denver Broncos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are unaware of what I’m talking about, Chicago Bears wide Receiver Brandon Marshall is planning on wearing green shoes during tonight’s game against the New York Giants.  The reason he is doing this is in support of Mental Illness Awareness Week.  My hat is off to Marshall for being willing to pay the fine just to bring some awareness.

First off, the image of the NFL is really bad right now with all of the head trauma and concussion issue lawsuits that are in the news.   A little good will would make them at least look a little better.  Secondly, this should be a cause that the NFL should totally be behind.  The reason for that is because all of the brain trauma that football players get from playing the game can lead to serious mental health issues down the line.

It would be a perfect partnership for the league and also raise awareness for a great cause out there.  The NFL needs to waive its uniform policy for Marshall and all other players who would like to support such a worthwhile endeavor.   I think what Brandon Marshall is trying to do is fantastic and he needs to be celebrated for it, not fined.


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