The perfect day of college football

If there was ever a day for people to become college football fans, today is that day.

There are great match-ups on all day and most are available on the most basic TV.

The games on over antenna today that are worth your time and Will make you a fan of the college game from here on out are LSU vs. Georgia, Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma and Wisconsin vs. Ohio State.  Each game is a matchup of two ranked teams with something to prove.  Those are the only really good games that every household can get though.  As an appetizer to the great Afternoon games, South Carolina has a stiff challenge from Central Florida and is definitely worth a look.

If you spend the money to have more than basic TV there are plenty of great options to go along with the gamecocks matchup.  ESPN has Oklahoma St. vs. West Virginia in an intriguing big 12 matchup.  If you haven’t seen these two programs play you are in for a treat.  It will No doubt be full of action.

If you are looking for more of a traditional rivalry then you can flip over to Fox Sports 1 and catch a match-up between old southwest conference rivals SMU and TCU.

There are great games like that on all day and late into the evening.

The SEC has a couple of great late afternoon games to choice from depending on what you like.  If you want to watch one of the best teams in the land then the Alabama game with Ole Miss will be perfect for you.  If you want to see what all the hype that surrounds Johnny Manziel, then you can see Texas A&M play Arkansas.

If you are a night owl then PAC 12 football is going to be your thing.  There are three good match-ups that start at 10 pm eastern or later.  The ESPN family of networks has two of those games.  ESPN is carrying the 10 pm match-up between Stanford and the Mike Leach led Washington State Cougars while ESPN 2 has the battle between USC and Arizona State at 1030 pm.  If you want to see the high paced action of the Ducks, then the PAC 12 network is where you will want to be.  It has the 1030 pm match-up between Oregon and Cal.

For a huge football fan like me today will be perfect.  I Did all of the things my wife needed me to do last night or early this morning so that I can spend 14 hours in front of the TV watching games.

On days like this I wish I had my old man cave setup. I used to have four televisions with different tuners in the same room so that I didn’t have to miss any of the action.

If you’re new to the game of college football then just pick a time and the matchup that is most intriguing to you and have fun.

Even though college football is big business it is so much fun to watch and today is the perfect to find out why.


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