Violent cramps and how my wife nearly broke my nose

I need to mention right away that this isn’t about what you might be thinking.  It is however something that plenty of athletes, if not all have experienced after a long day or weekend of playing.

Last night my wife spent about four hours playing volleyball and by the time she was half way through her feet and legs began to bother her.

Like the trooper that she is, Matti just kept playing.

By the time that she got home she was really sore, but was able to fall asleep a little while later.

About two hours later, I was awakened by the most vile, blood curdling scream I have ever heard.  Following the scream came plenty of whimpering and crying.  I rolled over as quickly as I could to find out what had happened.  Being the medical genius that I am, I figured out that her calves had locked up and told her to stand up as soon as possible.

That’s when the fun began for me.

As Matti ripped off the covers she swung her left arm with force in my direction, but since the lights were off I didn’t see it.  Since I had rolled over to check on her my face was the prefect distance from her swinging fist.

Only seconds after I told her to get up, her arm and fist connected with my face.  Even though it was completely inadvertent, it was a vicious shot.  Thankfully I took most of the shot on my forehead and cheek although the bridge of my nose took quite the blow as well.  As Matti was on her feet cursing because of the pain she was in, I was on the bed dazed.  I hadn’t been hit that hard in the face in a couple of years.

Neither of us were able to go back to sleep for at least an hour because of the pain we were experiencing.  I didn’t sleep much the rest of the night.  In fact, I have had pain in my cheek and the bridge of my nose the whole day from her violent strike.  There is no doubt in my mind that had Matti hit me more square that my nose would’ve been crushed.  I guess all the time she spends in the gym has really paid off in the strength department.

I guess I lucked out a little bit though because I don’t have any bruises.  It would be awfully difficult to tell people that my wife was the one to do that to me.

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