The Jake Heaps tracker

There isn’t much to report this time around since Jake Heaps and the Kansas Jayhawks have a week off before the start big 12 play Next Saturday against Texas Tech.

Since they don’t have a game and I’ve been asked why I do this tracker on a weekly basis it is the perfect time for me to explain my thought process.

I am a huge fan of the BYU Cougars and have been ever since I can remember.  Even before I lived in Utah, I cheered for the Y.

I’m such a big fan that I follow recruiting so Ive known about Jake Heaps for quite a while.  When he committed to BYU and brought some other great players with him I couldn’t have been more excited.

I loved the swagger that Heaps brought with him and I totally bought into his talent and leadership.  I had full confidence that he would be able to lead BYU back to the top of college football.

After a promising end to his freshman year I still had the same thought.  Clearly BYU did as well by the way they scheduled for what would’ve been his junior and senior seasons.  Obviously something changed during that summer and through the first few games of year number two and Heaps ended up being benched.  I wasn’t a huge fan of that move.  I still felt like Heaps gave BYU the best chance to win but he had clearly lost the locker room.

He only played a couple more games but it was evident to everyone who was paying attention that his career at BYU was over.

Heaps had far too much talent to be a backup and  at the end of the 2011 season Heaps decided to leave instead of red-shirting.

Even though he left my beloved Cougars, I had invested far too much time to not have an interest in what he does.

I’m still a fan of Jake Heaps and I really want him to succeed in reaching his dreams.  Hopefully he can do that under Charlie Weis at KU.  I figured I wasn’t the only Cougar fan that had those feelings so I figured I would write about his time as a Jayhawk.

I know there are plenty of BYU fans that don’t like Heaps for leaving but they also want to know how he is doing.  There are a lot of Utah Utes fans who have an interest in what Heaps does as well.  Most of them are like me, in the fact that they want to see him have success even though their motives are different.

I’m glad that I have been able to provide all of those football fans A glimpse of how Jake is doing on the field and look forward to writing about him until he is done his college career.

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