The Jimmer Fredette tracker, Suns game 2: Fredette scores first points amid thunderous applause (video)

By: Jay Yeomans

Published: March 26, 2019

It was a wild night in Salt Lake City as Jimmer Fredette returned to the state where he earned his legendary status and created a lifelong obsession among throngs of fans.

That obsession was on full display at Vivint Smart Home Arena as Fredette played his first NBA game in the state in more than four years.

The ovation he received when he stepped on the floor was massive, as were the cheers he got when he touched the ball throughout the fourth, scored his first point and made his first shot from the field.

While many of the fans were clearly in his corner, Fredette struggled to find the range in the one-sided affair, finishing with six points as the Utah Jazz hammered the Phoenix Suns, 125-92.

He ended the night shooting 1-for-10 from the floor, including 0-for-5 from deep and 4-for-4 from the foul line. He also chipped in with a rebound, an assist and a steal in 14 minutes on the floor.

The House of Highlights Twitter account shared some video from Fredette’s night, including his first points and only field goal.

Not exactly the kind of showing that Fredette or his adoring fans were hoping for, but the reception he received will be something that he will remember for a long, long time.

It was also a memorable night for Jazz big man Rudy Gobert and Suns star guard Devin Booker.

Gobert set a new NBA record for dunks in a season while registering a monster double-double with 27 points on 9-for-11 shooting from the field and 9-for-11 from the foul line. He added 10 rebounds and a pair of blocks in just 28 minutes on the court.

As for Booker, he shots the lights out on his way to a 59-point performance, connecting on 19 of 34 shots from the floor, 5 of his 8 3-point attempts and 16 of 17 from the foul line. His 59 points set a new building record in scoring.

Through two games, Fredette is averaging 3.0 points a game on the strength of 100 percent shooting from the foul line to go along with 1.5 rebounds in 9.5 minutes.

Fredette and the Suns will be back on the court on Wednesday as they return home to face the Washington Wizards.


6 thoughts on “The Jimmer Fredette tracker, Suns game 2: Fredette scores first points amid thunderous applause (video)

  1. Jay, I heard Wednesday 03/27 The doctors were going induce labor for his wife and deliver their baby boy so I would think JIMMER will play for the SUNS that night because you know Jimmer is a devoted family man who will be with his wife for the birth of their child, unless they moved the scheduled delivery date of their baby to a SUNS off day this week? Secondly I want to mention even know JIMMER had a rotten shooting game last night because his focas is obviously on his wife’ pregnancy I thought that drive to the basket with 2 NBA caliber defenders all over him and he banked it off the window for 2 points was a basket only a better than average NBA player could make? These last 3 years in China during most games JIMMER made several tough shots like that and ever harder shots than that usually when he was doubled. So the Suns remaining games this season it maybe after their baby boy is born JIMMER will be totally focussed playing in Suns games and I would love to see him get 30 minutes during a game where he gets the green light to watch how many points he puts up? Let’s remember the 2 preseason games he had against the Houston Rockets in 2016 and 2018 he played to whole game and was the games high scorer both times even with James Harden on the floor putting up 33 points and 41 points. Us JIMMER fans know JIMMER is a elite score in the CBA and should those two games against the NBA Rockets that he can score like that against any NBA TEAM currently. Jay, do you agree with me? Thanks ED M. From the Glens Falls New York area.


  2. Do you do trackers on DNP’s. I really mean that in the nicest way. Hope he gets to play (birth?). It would be sad to never actually get to play in Phoenix.
    I know the NBA is so much better competition and he can’t do the same things, but he seems to have a block. I always think it is funny that NBA teams say we need to bring him in off the bench to be a shooter and make shots. Well, if you want him to get you points effectively–give him the ball. It shouldn’t matter how. He has proven an adequate enough distributor.

    Last question. Do you think he would retire if this ends really quietly and without much more pull in games?


    1. I do trackers for DNPs but they aren’t very timely since of the not playing part.
      He does need to be on the floor for some consistent minutes if they want him to produce.
      The retirement thing is a hard question. If it doesnt work out in the NBA, there are some great places where he can be a star in Europe or back in China if he wants that.


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