The Jimmer Fredette tracker, Suns game 1: Fredette make first appearance for Phoenix

By: Jay Yeomans

Published: March 25, 2019

After more than three years away, Jimmer Fredette made his first appearance in an NBA game on Saturday night.

Fredette suited up for the Phoenix Suns in a 112-103 loss to the Sacramento Kings.

The former BYU guard played just four minutes in the second quarter and went scoreless while missing his only field goal attempt. On the plus side, he did collect two rebounds.

While it wasn’t the kind of return that Jimmer fans had hoped for, it was just great to see him back in the NBA and to not to have to get up well before dawn to see him play.

Up next for Fredette and the Suns is a trip to Utah to face off with the Utah Jazz on Monday night.


7 thoughts on “The Jimmer Fredette tracker, Suns game 1: Fredette make first appearance for Phoenix

  1. JAY, I think the first two games JIMMER just played as a PHENIOX SUNS against the KINGS Saturday night JIMMER in 4 minutes was scoreless and last night Monday against the JAZZ he played 14 minutes 6 points on 1 for 9 shooting and a terrible shooting night. I think what contributed to JIMMER having bad shooting games his last 2 games in China, and his first 2 games as a SUN is because Jimmer’ s mind has been on his wife’s pregnancy, she is about to deliver any day now and he naturally thats most important to him now, basketball is second on his priority list currently. I think once his their baby boy is born then JIMMER in the remaining SUNS games this season given that they give him a few games with significant minutes that Jimmers usual above average shooting will be there and he will have some good games in a Sun’s uniform. Any way it was nice the crowds in the 2 NBA area’s JIMMER just played in his first 2 games gave him lots of love / applause.


  2. You really think they will continue playing him? I’m not so sure. I’ll be interested to see how the Phoenix fans react to him if he does play again.


  3. I get that. I just hope the Booker 60 thing doesn’t make him be labeled as selfish. The Phoenix fans seemed pretty upset about it. whoops. I’ll keep hoping until his opportunity runs out. I hope he gets the chance to adjust (atleast a preseason camp) because this is different than the CBA as we all know. A lot of the things that worked there, don’t here. I’m a huge fan from Cincy and have followed most of his career. Even if he doesn’t make it I want to see him go out with a good effort/result. Thanks for all the updates!

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