The Jimmer Fredette tracker, 2018-19 game 15: Fredette catches fire from 3-point land as Sharks continue winning streak

By: Jay Yeomans

Published: November 23, 2018

Jimmer Fredette continues to put up big numbers as the Shanghai Sharks pile up wins. Friday was no different for the former BYU star who delivered another impressive showing as the Sharks knocked off the Qingdao Eagles, 114-107.

Fredette finished with a team-best 34 points on 11-for-23 shooting from the floor, including 6-for-12 from beyond the arc and 6-for-7 from the foul line. He also showed off his ability as a distributor totaling a game-high eight assists to go along with four boards and a pair of steals in 45 minutes.

Jimmer did almost all his damage in the second half with 25 of his 34 points as the Sharks outlasted the talented Eagles. He was especially good during a stretch in the third period when he connected on three triples in the span of six possessions to turn a tie game into an eight-point lead.

Fredette also found the range from deep multiple times in the fourth as he connected on two more threes as the Sharks came away with their fourth straight win to improve to 11-4.

Jimmer had plenty of help in the road win as four other Sharks scored in double figures, including guard Luo Hanchen who totaled 19 points on 9-for-12 shooting from the field in a season-high 31 minutes. Liu Wei also came through off the bench with 13 points and four helpers.

Shanghai got some strong inside play as well as Luis Scola registered 17 points, seven rebounds and four assists while Zhang Zhaoxu added 13 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks.

Jonathan Gibson answered with a monster night for the Eagles, recording a game-high 47 points on 18-for-31 shooting while adding 11 rebounds and four assists. Dakari Johnson chipped in with 20 points on 50 percent shooting to go along with 12 rebounds and four assists in 27 minutes as Qingdao dropped its third game in four tries.

On the season, Fredette is averaging 38 points a night on 51.6 percent shooting, 46.7 percent from 3-point land and 95.1 percent from the foul line. He also contributes 6.1 assists, 5.9 rebounds and 3.5 steals in 41.4 minutes.

Fredette and the Sharks now have a two-week break before they face off with the league-leading Guangdong Southern Tigers who have started off the season winning their first 15 games.

The Southern Tigers are led by a trio of former NBA players in Sonny Weems, Yi JianLian and Malcolm Delaney. Weems is averaging 24.3 points, 6.9 rebounds and 6.4 assists while Delaney puts up 20 points, 5.5 assists and 4.8 rebounds. As for Yi, he is still putting up big numbers himself with 22.5 points and 9.8 rebounds a night.



3 thoughts on “The Jimmer Fredette tracker, 2018-19 game 15: Fredette catches fire from 3-point land as Sharks continue winning streak

  1. I live in Jimmer’s home town where he grew up Glens Falls New York, and via the Internet free of charge on the Shark’s web site, I get up at 6:35 AM to morning’s Jimmer’s team the Sharks play there game’s to watch. All the game’s are broadcasted in Chinese, but that does not bother me, I still have the sound turned up and listen to the commentators. Because of Jimmer’s superior basketball talent, his 5 years experience in the NBA, his great basketball I. Q. and his leadership Jimmer while having in the top player’s game Stat’s 38 point’s per game, almost 50% from deep, 95 % from the free throw line, Jimmer has his team at 11 wins 4 losses 733. % ball fro one of the best teams this season in the CBA. Any game Jimmer play’s in or any league Jimmer play’s in I will always continue to watch and follow his career. As a basketball player Jimmer is a must watch, Jimmer any game he step’s out on the floor he has the potential to break scoring records. In February 2017 Jimmer had a 73 point scoring game in double over time, then 2 weeks ago November 2018 Jimmer went off for 75 points in a 48 minute game just falling 8 points from breaking that CBA individual game scoring record. I’am sure sooner than later that Jimmer will set a new CBA individual game scoring record. I observe that in all of Jimmer’s game’s being that he is not a selfish player he first dishes out lots of assists to his team mates to get them going and keep them involved, then Jimmer usually try’s going into the half between 10 to 15 points, then starts turning it on in the third quarter, then the forth quarter Jimmer really turns on the scoring. If Jimmer was just a ball hog only focused on his individual stats in leading the CBA league, I think ever game he would average 45 to 50 points consistently. Finally all Jimmer fans from close and far away are proud of Jimmer’s basketball play. Us Jimmer fan’s are rooting that when Jimmer negotiates his new contract in the Spring / Summer of 2019 that he obtains a long term multi million dollar contract in either the CBA, or the other international leagues, or the NBA where great 3 point shooters are desired and get paid a big money contract. I think most Jimmer fans enjoy watching him play 40 minutes each game in the CBA, rather that if Jimmer was on a NBA team just sitting on the end of the bench rotting away by not given any minutes. Playing in China was a great decision for Jimmer, since China at 1. 4 million citizens has 4 times the population of the USA, potentially the largest basketball loving country in the world and Jimmer being 29 going on 30 years old February of 2019 is China’s superstar basketball player and I can see all the CBA teams trying to secure a long term contract multi million dollar to either keep or acquire Jimmer’s service’s. Jimmer IS TRUELY China’s LONELY MASTER AND. JIMMER IS ON TOP AND NO ONE ELSE IN CHINA IS NEAR HIM. Finally Jimmer and his team the Sharks deserves this 2 week break because so far this season your all doing a great job, so enjoy your time off, then in 2 weeks get back to business in continuing to win your games, then go deep into the CBA play off’s and win the league championship this season. Let’s go Shark’s.
    Ed M. from Up State New York.


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