Morning links: Frank Jackson, Eric Mika taking a risk; Scott Sterling-style goal

Matt Norlander of CBS Sports looked at 10 players who took a big risk in the NBA draft but should have stayed in college, and both Frank Jackson and Eric Mika made the list.

Speaking of Jackson’s decision to turn pro, Norlander wrote, “I really have to wonder what Frank Jackson considered when he decided to be a one-and-done guy.”

After looking at Jackson’s prospects had he returned to Duke and his stat-line from his freshman campaign, Norlander continued, “With a year of seasoning, he probably would have transformed into a first-round pick. Instead, he takes a chance now. When you’re a guarantee to be drafted, it’s hard to say making the call to stay in the draft is a ‘bad decision.’ But I do believe Jackson is taking a risk here because his potential probably would have garnered him a higher spot and more money in a weaker draft in 2018.”

Discussing Mika’s decision, Norlander wrote, “Mika turned BYU’s 2017-18 prospectus by opting to stay in the draft. A dynamic big man at the college level, Mika is a toss-up to be picked this year.”

After mentioning Mika’s production last season coming ofoff his two-year mission, Norlander wrote, “Mika was in a tough spot, because he played himself into prospect territory while losing two years due to his mission. Had he come back and posted similar numbers, it’s probable his stock would not have jumped.”

Jonathan Jeanne probably is somewhere between Rudy Gobert and Javale McGee

Trevor Magnotti of Fansided’s NBA draft ranked the 10 most irresponsible 2017 NBA draft prospect comparisons, and the comparison of French big man Jonathan Jeanne to Rudy Gobert or Javale McGee came in at No. 4.

Magnotti started out by looking at how the comparisons came about, saying, “In the wake of the Frenchman’s explosive NBA Combine performance, there’s been a wave of hyperbolic claims regarding Jeanne’s potential in the NBA. On one hand is the camp that sees Jeanne as a more offensively advanced Rudy Gobert — a big with a 7-foot-7 wingspan that can protect the rim and shoot from outside.”

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