Morning links: Finding Williams’ role with the Packers; will Hayward remain the face of the Jazz?

Jacob Westendorf of Fanrag Sports looked at the opportunity that former BYU running back Jamaal Williams will have to find a role with the Green Bay Packers.

After talking about the Packers’ running back situation a season ago, and what they did in the offseason, Westendorf wrote, “Perhaps the best part about Williams is that the Packers were able to get good value for him outside of the top 100 picks. They were able to select four defensive players who may be able to make an impact on the 2017 team instead of taking a running back in the first two rounds, as many draft experts had them pegged to do.”

Westendorf then broke down some of the things Williams does well, saying, “Williams offers a nice change of pace from Montgomery because of his ability to punish opposing defenders.”

Westendorf then mentions what kind of chances Williams could get, saying, “Williams runs through contact and is willing to punish defenders when he finishes runs. He could be the running back that closes out games when the Packers are ahead because his style could be a more favorable matchup against a tired defense.”

Will Gordon Hayward remain the face of the Utah Jazz?

Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post did a postmortem on the Utah Jazz following their ouster from the playoffs.

After breaking down Utah’s draft picks, salary cap and free agents, Bontemps asked five questions that need to be answered, including the one on the mind of many Jazz fans, ” Will Gordon Hayward re-sign?”

He then looks at how big Hayward’s free agency is, saying, “There is arguably no free agent who will have a bigger impact this summer than Hayward’s. (Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are virtually certain to stay with Golden State, and Chris Paul is 32.) If Hayward chooses to leave Utah, a meticulous rebuilding plan forged over the past several years will be torpedoed.”

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