Morning links: Carpeted Mormon basketball; the making of Rudy Gobert; RSL stadium ranked

In an opinion story for Deadspin, Evan Hall writes about carpeted basketball courts in LDS churches.

He wrote, “American Mormons have a longstanding and well-documented relationship with basketball.”

After speculating as to why many of the gyms were carpeted, he said, “They are a practical and cheap innovation in meetinghouse construction, but then they are also disarmingly weird, as the occasional non-Mormon who showed up to play pick-up with us could attest.”

He continued, “But if the carpeted gym represents anything of importance, it’s that even dramatic changes to church meetinghouses won’t stop Mormons from playing basketball in them.”

The making of Rudy Gobert

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon looked at how the Utah Jazz helped Rudy Gobert become the player he is today.

After breaking down how the Gobert made plays on both ends of the floor to knock off the New Orleans Pelicans in a recent game, MacMahon wrote, “Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey believes a big man like Gobert, if he is committed to dominating with simplicity, can anchor a contender. And that’s the plan he laid out to Gobert and his agent.”

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