Analysis: Bad losses overshadow remarkable production from BYU’s Mika, Emery and Haws

The 2016-17 basketball season is what many BYU fans have been waiting for for nearly half a decade. There was talk of conference championships, tournament appearances and even speculation about runs to the Sweet 16 and possibly the Final Four

The reason for the lofty goals rested on the shoulders of the Lone Peak three of Eric Mika, Nick Emery and TJ Haws who would be on the floor together for the first time since winning a national championship with Lone Peak High School in 2012-13.

While the expectations have been huge, the team success on the floor hasn’t followed. And fans have voiced their displeasure on social media, including some even calling for the dismissal of coach Dave Rose.

Thanks to the two wildly disappointing losses to UVU and San Diego, and a 13-6 record through 19 games, many have overlooked just how productive the three Lone Peak Knights have been on the floor.

Most notably, Mika is on pace to have a historic sophomore season in his first year back from his mission to Italy.

Through 19 games, he has already scored 390 points for an average of 20.5 points a game. If he keeps up that pace, he would join Tyler Haws and Michael Smith as the only BYU sophomores to average more than 20 points a game.

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