BYU international basketball tracker: Fredette puts up big numbers; Tavernari finds shooting stroke

It has been a very eventful season for the former Cougars playing basketball around the globe. While some have been putting up good numbers, others have struggled with finding consistent minutes to produce.

Here is a look at where the former Cougars are playing around the world and how they have performed so far.

Charles Abouo, Denain (France-ProB)

Abouo has had a solid season in his first year in France. One of his best performances came in an 85-75 win over Vichy Clermont, when he totaled 14 points on 5-for-10 shooting from the floor, including 4 for 7 from beyond the arc with eight rebounds in 19 minutes.

In 13 games, he is averaging 9.6 points on 50.1 percent shooting from the floor, including 50 percent from 3-point range with 3.2 rebounds and 1.0 assist in 18.8 minutes.

Agustin Ambrosino, Gandia (Spain-LEB Silver)

Ambrosino has made some nice contributions playing in Spain. One of his best recent showings came in an 82-63 loss to Lucentum when he recorded 12 points on 3-for-5 shooting from beyond the arc with a team-high eight rebounds and a pair of steals in 23 minutes.

On the season, he has played 14 games and is averaging 8.9 points and 4.1 rebounds in 24.1 minutes.

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