Morning links: Kyle Van Noy’s key to success; Jazz trade target; Steve Young ranked in all-time list

Adam Kurkjian of the Boston Herald chronicled the path of former BYU and current New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy to see how patience has got him to this point in his career.

After talking about Van Noy’s time at BYU and with the Detroit Lions, Kurkjian writes, “The linebacker had yet to fulfill the vast potential projected for him when he was drafted. Coming over to such a successful and cohesive franchise raised the possibility for him to finally live up to expectations.”

Kurkjian continued, “With Van Noy, the Pats needed someone who could not just do what was asked of him, but make a game-changing play.

“Again, Van Noy was forced to wait. He was a healthy inactive for his first two games with the Patriots. But when he finally saw the field in the Week 11 game at the San Francisco 49ers, he made his presence felt with a sack.”

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