Morning Links: In China, ‘Jimmer is the system’; Alex Smith needs more help; Gobert tweets about loss

Jack Maloney of Fansided’s, The Step Back looked at the way the season has started out in China for former BYU guard Jimmer Fredette.

After talking about Fredette’s journey in pro basketball, Maloney wrote, “most importantly, however, is the freedom Jimmer has in China to just go out and get buckets, which is what he was born to do. There’s no pressure now for Jimmer to show teams he can manage the game and direct an offense, no pressure to try and fit his game into a system. In China, Jimmer is the system.”

Maloney continued, “He’s flying around endless screens — both off the ball and in the pick-and-roll; he’s pulling up from five feet behind the arc and sinking demoralizing triples; he’s slicing in and out of the paint to make plays for himself and teammates; he’s grabbing defensive rebounds and pushing the ball up the floor for easy transition buckets; in short, he’s doing it all.”

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