Morning links: Frank Jackson’s path to Duke chronicled; Rudy Gobert ranked top 10 international player

Sports Illustrated’s Brian Hamilton took at look at Lone Peak guard Frank Jackson’s path to the Duke Blue Devils.

 “Roughly 24 months earlier, Jackson was a star in the small pond of Utah, a state not known for elite basketball talent. He had been committed to play for BYU since he was 14, a proud basketball school,” Hamilton writes. “He was anticipating serving on a Mormon mission after high school, which meant college basketball could have been years away.”

After looking at Jackson’s start at Duke, Hamilton continued, “It is one thing to renege on a commitment and change schools. It is something else to renege on a commitment and essentially change a life. Jackson was a Mormon player headed to a Mormon school, convinced he would take a Mormon mission like his older sisters and his friends. By reopening his recruitment and welcoming overtures from other schools like Duke, Jackson changed his path dramatically.”

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