Morning links: Why Stanford is a haven for LDS players; ESPN says Jazz a top 10 team; BYU No. 1 in cross country

Claire Fahy of the San Francisco Chronicle took a look at the LDS players on the Stanford Cardinal football team.

After talking about the conversion story of Cardinal linebacker Lane Veach, Fahy talked about why so many LDS players are at Stanford, saying, “The answer is Lance Anderson, Stanford’s defensive coordinator and also a returned Mormon missionary. Anderson is one of the nation’s top recruiters, and his recruiting area includes the heavily LDS areas of Utah and Arizona.”

After quoting Anderson, she continued, “Stanford has somewhat stolen the spotlight from BYU and Utah when it comes to recruiting LDS high school football players. Mormon missionaries had played before for the Cardinal, but since Anderson arrived on the scene in 2007, they’ve become more plentiful.”

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