Daddy’s little girl

Daddy’s little girl.

You have my heart,

you are my world.


Boys will come

and boys will go,

but there are things

you need to know.


You’re strong and smart

and beautiful too.

You can do anything

you choose to do.


Life will have

its ups and downs,

with plenty of smiles

and even some frowns.


But when life

gets a little rough,

know that you are

oh so tough.


And when things get

too hard to bear,

know that I will

always be there.


You have been given

warmth and love,

blessings from

your Father above.


Do your best

with no debate,

and there’s no doubt

that you’ll be great.


And through it all,

I’ll be there to show,

that your daddy

loves you so!


Jay Yeomans






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