The Cougar NBA tracker, Jimmer Fredette: Game 24

Jimmer Fredette played in all four quarters as the New Orleans Pelicans came back from a huge deficit to knock off the Utah Jazz 119-111 on Tuesday night.

Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson did most of the damage for the hot-shooting Pelicans as they improved to 12-12 on the season. Davis finished with 31 points on 12 of 15 shooting from the floor to go along with nine rebounds and three blocks while Anderson registered 28 points on 10 of 15 shooting from the field, including 6 of 10 from 3-point land. He also had five rebounds, three assists and two steals. Tyreke Evans chipped in with 19 points and six assists while Austin Rivers added 12 points off the bench.

The Jazz were led by Enes Kanter who had 29 points on 12 of 22 shooting to go along with seven boards and two steals. Three other Jazz starters scored in double figures, including Gordon Hayward who had 17 points and five assists. Trey Burke and Alec Burks added 16 points apiece in the loss.

Fredette played 12:52 of action (his most minutes since November 28th) and made solid contributions for the Pelicans. He had two points on 1 of 3 shooing from the floor, including a miss on his only 3-point attempt. His only bucket on the night came on a deep jumper midway through the second quarter. His biggest impact came in the passing game where he registered a season-high three assists to go along with a steal. On top of that, New Orleans was a +9 when he was on the floor.

Up next for Fredette and the Pelicans is a matchup with the Houston Rockets on Thursday night.



  1. Why don’t you write about the ridiculous way that Monty Williams treats Jimmer? Wow, 13 whole minutes! Recently, when Jimmer got 6 minutes you somehow described them as “meaningful minutes” but ignored the fact that he was shooting well over 50% in the preseason and leading the Pelicans’ guards in that category by large margins until Williams sat him down to cool him off and make him irrelevant. How many DNPs has he stuck Jimmer with? We can’t have Jimmermania breaking out in today’s NBA can we,

    Last season, just before Jimmer left Sacramento he was officially leading the NBA in 3-point percentage only to get not a minute in the playoffs in Chicago under Thibs whose sacred rotation is apparently more important that winning in the playoffs. On Sunday Michael Malone joined Keith Smart as a former NBA head coach who did his best to destroy Jimmer’s career no matter how well he played. It seems that they would rather lose their head coaching positions than give real minutes to one of the best scorers in the NBA. I could not be more happy for them. You cannot waste talent like that and remain competitive, not to mention how it creates bad chemistry on the floor to make it acceptable to not pass the ball to a wide open Fredette because the coach has made it clear that he discriminates based on something other than merit. Williams is well on his way to membership in the Malone/Smart club, and that’s an outcome that cannot come soon enough.


  2. I take no offense in your comments jmoney. Any minutes are meaningful for Jimmer right now. While I agree, for some reason none of these coaches have realized the offensive merits that Jimmer provides. I see another scenario developing.

    Jimmer is learning to play defense and concentrating on that rather than his offense. Though he will never play all-star defense, Jimmer can always rediscover his offense when the opportunity arises. In the meantime, if better defense gets Jimmer playing time; there will come a day when Jimmer is allowed to score and his coach won’t be a bonehead anymore. Whether it is Monty Williams or some other coach, who cares? I just want Jimmer to get NBA playing time period. The more minutes he plays, the greater is the possibility that his offense will explode.


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