Are you ready for some football?

Even though the Canadian Football League has been in full swing for quite some time, today is the day that die-hard football fans have been waiting for since the Seahawks laid an epic beating on the Denver Broncos ni the Super Bowl in February.

Plenty of fans will overlook the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio because preseason football doesn’t count, but I wont be one of them. Just as preseason games serve a purpose for teams as they prepare for the upcoming season, it will do the same for fans and fantasy football players.

For fans, it is the perfect lead in to the regular season. The games aren’t pretty and the starters will only play a series or two so you can get away with just watching a few minutes without missing anything. As the preseason progresses you get to watch the stars a little more and also how new members of the team will fit in. It also gives you just enough good football action to have on the edge of your seat for the regular season to begin.

For the fantasy football geek out there, the preseason can be very important in building a winning team. There are always a few guys who make a name for themselves in preseason and carry it through to the real thing. Those are the kind of guys that the regular fantasy football guy wont know about and the perfect pick at the end of any draft. Players like that can be the difference of winning a title or not making the playoffs.

No matter your reason, the Hall of Fame game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants is a must watch to kick off another highly anticipated and exciting football season.


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