The one thing that LeBron doesn’t do well in the NBA

LeBron James does a lot of things well, but making decisions in free agency isn’t one of them. James has held up the whole free agency process because of his inability to make a choice. And this isn’t something that is new either.  We all remember how James had a television show four years ago to tell all of his fans that he was leaving them for the sun and fun of Miami. That was a disaster of epic proportions that none of us thought could be duplicated. But, we might be wrong.

James isn’t just messing with Cavs fans this time around, he is messing with almost every team and free agent. Teams and players alike are stuck in limbo while they wait for the dominos to fall. The people who may be suffering the most through this whole ordeal are the Cleveland faithful who are willing to forgive his past indiscretions and welcome him home with open arms. The Cavaliers also appear more than willing to bring James back. In fact, they have made every move possible to make sure they have cap room to give him a max deal.

If that move doesn’t happen this time around, James may just burn his Cleveland bridge for good.

Even if he does return to the Cavaliers, there will be plenty of hurt feelings around the league, including those of teammates Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. The window for Bosh’s second option may have closed by then because of the Chandler Parsons offer-sheet with the  Dallas Mavericks. If Houston matches the offer before Bosh signs, then the Rockets can’t give him the max he is looking for without having to make other moves. The situation for Wade might even be more painful. Wade opted out of  the last two years of a guaranteed deal that was set to pay him more than 40 million dollars to help LeBron get what he wants. The drawback for Wade is that there is very little chance for him to get that kind of per year contract at this point in his career. James would also be doing serious financial damage to Udonis Haslem, who opted out of the last year of his deal to open up cap space for Miami to add pieces to keep the championship dream alive.  Not exactly something that friends do for each other.

As in any other situation in free agency, there are always winners and losers.  Teams miss out on the players that they want all the time and still do okay, but when two teams do exactly what they are told to make you happy there has to be a loser.  And it’s much worse when the team they built was just for you to be a part of to make a run at a title, that is now even farther away than before.


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