5 big takeaways from the Utah Jazz scrimmage by Adam Gray

5. Between Dante, Trey, Alec, Rodney Hood (sorry to spoil number 1) and Gordon (if the Jazz match), the Jazz have lots of ball handling.   In fact, they have more guys than most teams who have the ability to initiate the pick and roll. This team is clearly going to do two things. First, they are going to run the pick and roll as much as anybody in the NBA. Second, they’re going to run. A lot.

4. Trey Burke oozes confidence. This is his team, and he wants everyone to know it. He reminded me a little bit of Allen Iverson last year—not necessarily in how he played the game, but in how in command he is of the team. It’s going to be interesting to see how he decides to mesh with Exum. If Trey trusts Dante and allows him to take the reins every now and then, it will be good for the Jazz in the short run and the long run.

3. Dante Exum is fast. He didn’t turn on the burners very often during the night, but when he did, you noticed. He is electric. His presence on the court seemed jovial and lighthearted, but also intelligent. He looked very excited to be out there, and his youthful enthusiasm will be very well received by the fans, the coaches and hopefully Trey Burke.

2. Quin Snyder likes Rudy Gobert. During the scrimmage, Snyder mentioned how impressed he was by Gobert’s passing. We already know that the coach’s new system will involve getting up and down the court quickly, and will rely heavily on good passing. Those may be his greatest strengths. While he may not be advanced in other ways, for his size, Gobert is elite at running the floor.  If Snyder is convinced that he’s an able passing big man, he may be in for a large increase of minutes. It might sound crazy, but don’t be shocked if Gobert becomes the starting center this year in Utah.

1. Rodney Hood is going to be better than his draft position and has a chance to quickly step into Marvin Williams role. We knew he could shoot the long ball, but Hood showed that he’s comfortable handling the ball and taking it to the rack. His mid range game looked great as well. I’d heard Quin Snyder talk about his length, and that was confirmed. He looked very comfortable attacking. Offensively, he looks ready to play a role in the NBA today. His offensive skill-set compares favorably to Marvin Williams. Having said that, Williams provides the ability to guard the 3 and the 4 spots on the court as well as veteran leadership that Hood does not have. Jazz fans are going to love Rodney Hood


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