Shouldn’t First-Team All-Conference be five players?

A couple of local products were honored the last few days when the WCC and PAC 12 handed out their awards at the end of each conference’s regular season.  I must say that I was a little shocked that both Kyle Collinsworth of BYU (WCC) and Delon Wright from Utah (PAC 12) were named First-Team All-Conference in their respective leagues.  Both had very good seasons and deserved to be honored but I thought that First-Team was a little high.

After hearing the news, I decided to go and find the list of honoree’s to see who each player had beat out.  In each instance I saw something that I didn’t like much at all.  The First-Team from each conference consists of ten players and not the customary five.  Obviously that makes its much easier to earn the award.

I know that the world we live in is very PC and no one ever wants to step on anyone else’s toes, but come on people.  First team in basketball means five guys.  Why does it need to be expanded to ten? Are people just to afraid to try to differentiate who is better? When there are ten guys named then it cheapens the honor a little bit in my mind.  On top of that, two of the best scorers in the PAC 12 made Second-Team. Seeing that leads me to believe that some of the people who vote on these awards don’t even bother to watch everyone play.  That just means its more about name recognition then it is about play on the floor.

In my opinion, its time to go back to the days where the First-Team in each conference is made up of five guys and no more.  Voters may have to make some tough decisions, but if they can’t handle it then I am sure that others would be willing to take care of it.

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