The stupidity of some fans

Fans can be just embarrassing sometimes and Thursday night was another instance of that down in Orem, UT.  Watching the video of the incident that happened at the end of the UVU vs. New Mexico State game was just terrible.  And I’m not really talking about the players.  Of course players should know better to engage fans or respond to them in any way, but when you have just lost a heartbreaking game that was for first place in your conference there is going to be some frustrations.  Clearly that spilled over when K.C. Ross-Miller fired the ball off of Holton Hunsaker, but that is all it would have been had the court not filled up with UVU fans who decided to enter the court.  My first thought was, what in the world happened to the WAC that Utah Valley is in first place? but that is a different story for another day.

My second thought was, how in the world do you allow fans anywhere near an opposing team after a heartbreaking loss?  They are upset ( as evidenced by throwing a ball at the other team) and need some space to cool down.  They need to be ushered off the court in short order.  There is no way that you can allow fans to storm the court when the other team is still there.  It just leads to problems!

Now to the fans; I know you are excited about the big win, but why would you go and get in the face of a player on the losing team? Are you stupid? Just because you have a couple thousand other fans around you doesn’t mean you wont get noticed.  Even worse still is the fact that at least one of these fans threw a punch.  That was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen; and I have seen a lot of dumb things.  Nothing that happened on that floor to that point gives you the right to throw a punch at a player.  You are infringing on his space.  You are a trespasser there and nothing more! You are lucky that the New Mexico State coaching staff had been rounding players up and trying to get them off the floor because you would have gotten the beating of your life.

I have always thought that storming the field or court at a sporting event was just stupid, but now it has crossed a line and needs to be outlawed.  Too many people will have their safety put at risk if we continue to allow it to happen, especially when some fans are more than willing to be clowns.

On a side note.  The kid who threw the punch at Daniel Mullings needs to be banned from all organized sports events for the rest of his life.  If you feel it is your right to get in the face of players then clearly you don’t belong anywhere near a court, diamond or field ever again.

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