Stick to sports, It’s your job

Sometimes it feels like I am beating a dead horse when I talk about this subject, but I feel it necessary to cover it once again in light of recent events.

Just because a story has elements of sports involved in it, doesn’t make it a sports story; and I don’t need to hear about it on sports talk radio!  I don’t need to hear about how the NFL allegedly tried to throw their weight around to get a bill vetoed or a sports show host’s opinion on said bill.  I definitely don’t need to hear that an incarcerated former football played allegedly beat the crap out of another inmate just because at one time he played football.  

Neither story is sports news and I don’t want to hear about them.  To me, sports is a distraction from what goes on in everyday life and I listen to sports radio to separate myself from having to hear about political things.  I sure don’t need a sport show host giving me his political views.  That is not why they are on the air.  

I would much rather hear in-depth analysis about on NASCAR  (which I don’t follow at all) than to listen to political issues with a tiny hint of sports involved. 

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