Ranking the best quarterbacks in NFL history #28. Norm Van Brocklin

28. Norm Van Brocklin: Van Brocklin was selected in the fourth round (37th overall) by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1949 draft.  Van Brocklin played 12 seasons for the Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles as a quarterback and a punter.  He was in the top four in passing yards in 10 of his 12 years in the NFL and was a nine-time Pro Bowler.

His best seasons came in 1953 and ’60.  In ’53, Van Brocklin led the Rams to an 8-3-1 record while finishing third in the league in passing yards (2,393) and third in touchdowns (19).  Even though ’60 was the last year of his NFL career, it may have been the best season of his career.  That season, Van Brocklin led the Eagles to a 10-2 record while finishing both second in passing yards (2,471) and in touchdowns (24).  The Eagles won the NFL Championship that season after beating the Green Bay Packers 17-13 in a game where Van Brocklin threw for 204 yards and a touchdown.  That season was by far the most decorated of his career as Van Brocklin was named First-Team All-Pro and won all four major MVP and POY awards.

For his career, Van Brocklin completed 53.6 percent of his passes for 23,611 yards and 173 touchdowns while also making 11 trips to the end zone on the ground.  After being a finalist in 1970, Van Brocklin was inducted into the Hall of Fame in ’71.

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