Ranking the best quarterbacks in NFL history #40. George Blanda

40. George Blanda: Blanda Was selected in the 12th round (119th overall) by the Chicago Bears in the 1949 draft.  He played 340 games in the NFL and AFL over the course of 26 years, but only spent about a third of those games as a starting quarterback.  His years With the Bears were only as a part-time starter, but when he moved on to Houston he became the full-time starter.  During his seven years as a starter for the Oilers, Blanda was a three-time Pro Bowler, a one-time First-Team All-Pro and was named the 1961 AFL Player of the Year by the AP and the UPI while leading the Oilers to an AFL Championship.  Blanda twice led the league in passing yards, once in touchdowns and once in quarterback rating.

For his career, Blanda threw for 26,920 yards and 236 touchdowns while running for nine more scores.

For his efforts, Blanda was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1981.

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