The legacy of Peyton Manning

The Chargers had just scored their second touchdown of the game to cut the Broncos lead to 24-14 and then recovered an onside kick with just under six minutes remaining.  As San Diego marched down the field to cut into the lead even further I tried to find a shot of Peyton Manning on the Denver bench.  I could only imagine what he must have been thinking at the time.  Something to the effect of “not again.”

Everybody always talks about how the greatness of a quarterback is measured by his ability to win the big game.

I think that is just a bunch of crap. If the Broncos had lost this game, it would have has little or nothing to do with how Manning played.  He has played very well (like every other game this season) and almost had nothing to show for it (again).

This game would not have tarnished the legacy of Manning in any way even if they did fall short.  Even the losing record in the playoffs can’t do that. Manning is one of the games all-time greats and you can’t take that away from him. After all, football is a team game and the quarterback is only on the field half the time.  Sometimes you can still make plays and still get beat.

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