My lofty goals for 2014

I love it when a new year rolls around.  It gives me another reason to set lofty goals that I wouldn’t have even had to worry about or even think of just one year ago.

Some of the goals are purely based on my ability to get going and make things happen while other are based on the loved and support I will get from my friends and family.

Normally I don’t make my new goals public, but how can I expect your support if you have no idea what I want to accomplish moving forward.

The other reason for these to be out there for the world to see is so that you can get a little glimpse of what drives me and what makes me tick on a daily basis.

1.  Lose 70 pounds. This will seem like a crazy goal and something that others will tell me is too much, But it is something that is necessary if I want to reach some of those other things I am planning on right now.  As of yesterday I was 271 pounds and in the worst shape of my life.  Part of that is from my injuries that have lingered for a while but most of that is because of poor choices when it comes to eating and the lack of a true desire to get off my butt and work out.

In the past I have relied on the ability to play team sports to get my exercise, but I know that won’t be enough.  Thankfully, I have tons of stuff in the house to work out with that will give me a great work out every day.  For me to reach this goal, I know I need to spend plenty of time on the bike, the heavy bag and the treadmill.  The other thing I will need to do is change my diet.  I need to do away with fast food all together.  Not only does it Pack on the pounds in a very quick way but it also costs a fortune.

2. Get ten thousand followers on my website.  This isn’t a goal I would have had last year because I didn’t even start my site until mid may.  And let’s face it, that wasn’t really in the plans at the beginning of last year.

3. Write 750 articles.  This will take some work but I have an awful lot to say about sports so it is very do-able in my mind.

4. Get 100,000 views on  that is where you come in.  My part of the equation is writing quality pieces that so that you will come back everyday itching for more.  If I can do that, I know that readers will come.

5. Write my first book.  This will be a taxing venture no doubt, but something that I am ready to do.

6. Have fun every day.  No matter what gets in my way it is necessary to enjoy life and live it to the fullest each day.  I need to remember that I have been blessed with so much.  If I have the proper perspective this shouldn’t be a problem.

7.  Continue to work hard and do all I can to make things happen.  There is no time to worry about the things that I can’t control.  All that matters is that I do my best and trust that it is enough.

8. Focus on Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for me and all of us.  I know my Savior loves me and has blessed me with everything that I have been given.  I need to be thankful for those things everyday and show my love to him by doing what I can.

Last year was a great year that had plenty of ups and downs as well as twists and turns, that have molded me into the man I am today.

This year will be even better and one that I can help to make great.  Accomplishing these goals will just make it that much better.

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