A day in the life of a (highly-functioning) sports addict

As one of my favorite songs from when I was younger states, “too much of anything thing makes you an addict.”  If that is indeed the case then I am definitely addicted to sports.  All you have to do is look at a regular day in my life to see the proof.

Yesterday was much like any other day for me.

I woke up and got ready for the day and then went and updated my fantasy basketball lineups for the week.

Then I headed off to work.  I turned on sports talk radio and talked back to it (like I always do) because I didn’t agree with some of the opinions being.  In the two hours I was in the car I flipped between sports shows until a bowl game came on between Navy and Middle Tennessee.  I left the game on until I was finished with my morning work and got to go home.

Once I got home I got on the computer and started writing an article for my sports website.  In just over an hour I was done with the writing and all the edits and had the story up for all to view.

That’s when I made a quick-lunch and hurried to the television to watch the World Junior Championships hockey game between my beloved Team Canada and Slovakia.  The game was so intense that I could barely eat (as hard as that is to believe).  Canada was down going into the third period, but scored three goals to escape with a 5-3 win and still have a chance to win their pool.

Then it was back to work where I listened to/ yelled at sports radio.  That lasted for a couple of hours until I had finished all my stops.  Then on my short break while waiting to meet another driver, I stopped into House of Cards to look at sports cards since I am a huge collector (Insert fat joke here).

When I jumped back in the car I turned on KSL because they were airing the BYU basketball pregame.  I flipped between that and the Jazz game until I got home from work.

Once there, I quickly changed and took my wife out to dinner.  Since my wife always let’s me pick where to go my two choices were both equipped with plenty of televisions so that we could see a bowl game or two over our meal.

Since there was a 20-minute wait at Chili’s we headed over to TGIF’s instead.  Over dinner I kept one eye on my wife and the other on a tv stationed just overhead to witness the early stages of the Holiday Bowl between Texas Tech and Arizona State.

After dinner was through we headed back home while listening to BYU play Pepperdine until I could watch it on the computer when we got home.

I must say, that was a terrible way to view a game, but I sat through it even though the Cougars were awful.  When they game was over I went and said good night to my wife and went down stairs to watch the rest of the Holiday Bowl.

As I write this, there is no doubt in my mind that I am addicted to sports.  The reason I know that is because yesterday was very similar to any other day.  Sports when I wake up,  sports when I went to sleep and sports just about every minute in between.

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