the way the NBA is officiated is becoming a problem

I have a heard a couple of comments about NBA officials in the last few weeks that make me sick.

The first came when Knicks coach Mike Woodson was fined for saying that Carmelo Anthony was getting the stars calls that he deserved.

The second came tonight when Jazz announcer and former player Matt Harpring said that the ref don’t call the easy fouls at the end of games, they make you earn it.

I have a serious problem with both comments.

We all know that super star players get more calls than anyone else but actually hearing a coach make reference to it is just disgusting.  The game should never be officiated that way.  Super stars don’t deserve more calls than anyone else.  It is supposed to be a level playing field.

If they are the best players in the world as is, do they really need to be given a competitive advantage?

That is just a joke to me on so many levels.

Then the notion that the game is called differently down the stretch of games is even more maddening to me.

The game should be called the same in the first quarter of game one on the year as they do in overtime of game seven.

The reason I feel that way is because a foul is a foul no matter when it is committed.  If you travel any time it needs to be called.  It seems very simple to me but apparently that is clear to the NBA officials.

I think that something has to be done in this regard because in is ruining the integrity of the game.

I have heard the excuse in the past that the guys are just to big and Fast that its hard to see everything and that is why things don’t get called.  That is laughable to me.

If that is actually the case then there is an easy solution, however.  Add another official.  Another pair of eyes will help fix that problem.

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