A painful obsession comes to an end

I watched every game that the Kansas Jayhawks football team played this year that was televised and I really don’t know how they have any fans at all.  Outside the students, alumni and player’s families that is.

The games are just so maddening that I can’t even properly articulate how frustrating it truly is.

The dropped passes, the terrible penalties and the odd coaching decisions make it next to impossible for them to have success.

It feels the same as watching the Sacramento Kings over the last few years.  It’s just very painful to watch.

Today has been no different.  Five brutal turnovers have led to a huge deficit and killed a couple nice drives and some good field position.  Yet I still watch.  It’s a painful obsession for me that I just can’t seem to get over.

Thankfully I will have a nine month break before I put myself through this again.

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