The Cougar NBA tracker: game 1’s

On Wednesday night the Kings and the Sixers each earned hard-fought victories. The 76ers beating the defending champion Miami Heat 114-110 and the Sacramento Kings edging the Denver Nuggets 90-88. While their teams had success, neither BYU alum saw any time on the floor for their respective teams.

This is far from unexpected for someone like Brandon Davies who has only been with Philadelphia for a very short time.

The 76ers play their next game on Friday in the nation’s capital against the Wizards.

As for Jimmer Fredette, it is still unclear what role he will have with Sacramento this season if any.  The Kings are loaded in the back court and there doesn’t appear to be room for consistent minutes playing behind Greivis Vasquez and Isaiah Thomas at the point as well as Ben McLemore and Marcus Thornton at the Shooting guard.

The Kings will be back in action on Friday as they take on the Los Angeles Clippers at home.


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