Projecting the 2013-14 Boston Celtics

The Celtics are set to start their season off in less than an hour so now is the perfect time to give out my projections for my favorite team.


The Celtics completely dismantled their roster from a season ago and are back in rebuilding mode after the trade of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry, the allowed departure of head coach Doc Rivers and the injury to Rajon Rondo.


Photo of game between Boston Celtics and Miami...
Photo of game between Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After Rivers left the Celtics looked to the college ranks and plucked out a young and talented coach who has never been close to the NBA game in Butler coach Brad Stevens.


Stevens was given a six-year deal to turn the Boston fortunes around but not very many high-end weapons to do that with, especially this year.


The Celtics have loads of middle of the road and journeyman NBA talent and not much else.  At least not until Rondo returns from his ACL injury.


With Rondo, Boston has enough talent to make a push for the 8 seed in the eastern conference.  He is so gifted as a distributer that he can make solid players shine.  Without him the Celtics will struggle but still have enough okay pieces to win games, if they all stay healthy and someone like Jeff Green can emerge as the go-to-guy.


Along with Green, the Celtics will count on newly acquired Gerald Wallace for leadership and production.  The other guys who will need to step up in big spots are Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley.


Boston also has a couple of talented young big’s who can make a difference on the floor this season in second year man Jared Sullinger and rookie Kelly Olynyk.  Both Sullinger and Olynyk were great college players and will be productive if given extended minutes.


Look for Boston to win 25-30 games this season and maybe a handful more depending on if and how long Rondo is on the court.


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