The most wonderful time of the year

There are so many great times of the year for me that it’s very difficult to rank them.  I love it when we get to the fall and the leaves are changing colors leaving The mountains to look so majestic.  I love it in the spring when the dreariness of winter is gone.  The world seems to come out of its slumber and become alive again.

For the sports fan there are also many great times of year.  Some love it when spring training rolls around while others are happiest during the Final Four, but for this sports fan this is the most wonderful time of the year and it’s not even close. Nothing can top late October and early November for me.

We have so much to watch and even more to look forward to and there is something for just about everyone.

For the football fan, the NFL and the college game are in full swing.  Every Saturday and Sunday is filled with games that are can’t miss, even if it’s just to keep track of your fantasy teams.

For the baseball fan, we are down to the final few games of the World Series and it could not be more intense.  Even if you don’t have a team the cheer for, It’s still a beautiful thing to watch.

For the basketball fan it’s just  like being a kid on Christmas morning.  The reason for that is because the NBA starts tonight and will run through June of next year.  Every fan can be optimistic that this will be the year.

The college basketball fan already has exhibition games to watch to wet their whistles for the start of the regular season just over a week away.

Let’s not leave the hockey fan out of this equation.  The NHL is in full swing as well and teams have started to show their identities.

The soccer fan isn’t left out either.  Whether you are A fan of American soccer or the world brand it’s a wonderful time.  The MLS is just starting their playoffs after an intense regular season and a champion will be crowned in under a month.  The game on the world stage is even more intense with EPL matches on display just about every afternoon.

Every night when you turn on the TV as a sports fan there is something for you to watch and cheer for.  Take advantage of it because there is no other time of year quite like it!


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