Ranking the all-time best NFL offensive players out of BYU

BYU has been a big time college football program for the better part of 40 years.  One of the main reasons for their success is because of the large amount of very skilled players that BYU has had.  Plenty of those great players have gone on to have very long and successful careers in the NFL.

As a part of my “ranking the best series,” I rank the best 25 NFL players that have ever come out of Brigham Young University on the offensive side of the ball.

Note: obviously a list like this is completely subjective, but I try to leave all bias out when I do my rankings.  Only what each player did in the NFL was taken into consideration.

The things I factored in while doing these rankings include All-Pro selections, Pro-Bowls, years as a starter, years in the league and impact on a team.  Also, stats weighed heavily in my decision-making.

One thing I will be doing differently when it comes to these kinds of rankings moving forward is not releasing them all at once.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is so that I can do a lengthier write-up about each player that made the list and second is so that you will want to come back to my website to find out who’s next on the list and why.

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