A simple plan to make the roads more safe

As I spend hours a day on the road I have noticed (shockingly) that most people can’t drive at all when they are talking on the phone.  Where this is most noticeable is when people are trying to back out of parking stalls at malls and grocery stores.

In fact, most times it is absolutely hilarious to watch.

Having seen two especially brutal examples today I decided that there is more than an adequate way to fix this problem.

Keep in mind that I have absolutely no problem with people who talk on the phone while they drive if they can do it without it affecting their ability to drive.  Like I mentioned at the beginning, not many have that capacity, but there are some people who do.

The best way to differentiate between those who can be allowed to drive while talking on the phone and those who can’t is by administering the driving test that way.

Before any person is legally allowed to talk on the phone they should have to take and pass the test.  All the test needs to be is the regular driving test while the person is talking on the phone.  If it can be passed with the same minimum score while on the phone then they get a sticker which needs to be affixed on the license plate.

For those people who can’t pass the test but still continue to drive there needs to be an outrageous fine.  I’m talking like 500 to 1000 dollars for the first offense and for it to escalate for every offense thereafter.

If they enacted a law like that then it would make the roads much safer for everyone while still allowing those people capable of multi-tasking safely to continue to use their phones.


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