My Musings from Game 5 of the NBA Finals

Never at any time did I want to write about the same things that everyone else is covering.  I’m a fan of having original things to say and not being part of the main stream. With that being said I am going to deviate from that plan to talk about the NBA finals. These finals have been great theatre so far but even with all the drama that is unfolding on a game by game basis I still find it hard to watch at times.

The flopping has been just horrible and needs to be eliminated from the game. It’s worse than steroids was for baseball. You are supposed to be men. You can deal with a little contact every now and then without having to dive to the floor. Most of the floppers are terrible actors anyway so no one believes them.

What happened to boxing out? Did the NBA change the rules or something, and make it illegal. It happens so rarely now that it blows my mind. Every high school coach must cringe every time they watch one of these games. I’m not the first one to ever say this but rebounding wins games. It’s much easier to rebound if you box out. What’s worse is that when you do see a box out it looks more like an awkward slow dance.  You can’t box out well if you are facing your man.  It just doesn’t work.  There is no way to grab a board if you are facing the other way.  The reason why you turn and seal is so you can see where the ball is going.

How in the world do so many great shooters get so many wide open looks at the basket?  Danny Green, Ray Allen, Mike Miller and Gary Neal have all been killing it from the outside yet they still manage to get clean looks over and over again. We all know it’s not because of the plays that are being run.  There are very few sets being run at all in these finals, especially for the heat.  I wonder what is being said in the huddle that guys just aren’t getting.  Danny Green doesn’t have a great handle so why wouldn’t you make him put the ball on the floor.  Nobody ever even closes out on him.  The art of the close out has totally been lost from the NBA game for that matter.

With all that being said, I still hope this series goes 7 games and that players go all out to get that ring.  There is nothing better in sports than a winner take all finale.

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